Episode 16 – Looking Ahead to the Next Generation

In this episode I am joined by Alex Urzura and we discuss all things Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. We dive deep into our favorite Call of Duty memories and what our hopes are for the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. We also talk about the future of the Nintendo Switch.

As always we hope you enjoy!

Episode 14 – RTX 3000 GPU’s, Madden 21, and More!

In this episode we discuss the latest Nvidia announcement about their 3000 Series GPU’s. We also talk about Madden 21 and NBA2K21 and the state of current sports games. It is also the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Brothers and we talk about the latest Super Mario news!

Episode 13 – The Last of Us 2 Review and More!

This week we finished The Last of Us 2 and we have plenty to talk about! Join us for a conversation about The Last of Us 2 and what our thoughts were about the game. We also discuss the recent Call of Duty reveal and also talk about the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix TV Show.

Episode 11 – Does Gaming Have a Place in Education

In this episode we discuss how gaming could impact the education system. Does it have a place? Is gaming bad for students? In this episode we also discuss the gaming news of the week including the latest details about Marvel’s Avengers as well as new information about Project XCloud.

Episode 10 – #MeToo and Female Representation in Gaming

Explicit Language Warning: In this episode Emma joins the podcast. She loves to look at different social movements, particularly social justice movements, that occur throughout history. We look deeply at the #MeToo movement in the games industry and how we believe companies could create a safe and inclusive workforce. We also analyze female representation in modern video games.

Episode 8 – Relaxing with Animal Crossing

This week Francia Figueroa joins the podcast to discuss her love for Animal Crossing! We break down what Animal Crossing is and why it is the best game to play during this Quarantine Season. Animal Crossing is one of the best selling games on the Nintendo Switch and for good reason. This podcast will help you decide if Animal Crossing is the game for you!

Episode 7 – Gaming Blind

This week Steven Sawczyn joins us to discuss his experiences of gaming as a blind man. Steven has been blind since birth but that didn’t stop him from enjoying everything that life has to offer. While gaming is not one of Steven’s passions it was incredible to discuss his experiences with it. Steven has inspired many people, including myself. I hope you enjoy this episode as we had a blast creating it!

Episode 6 – The Gaming News of 7-3-2020

It’s Fourth of July weekend and on this episode we discuss all of the latest gaming news of the week and the games we are currently playing. This episode is shorter than normal. We have many fun plans lined up for the podcast and we hope you look forward to our upcoming projects with the podcast!

Episode 5 – Remembering Resident Evil

With the PlayStation 5 reveal event many games were announced. The one game that I am looking forward to the most is Resident Evil 8. In this episode I discuss all of my favorite memories of each Resident Evil game in the franchise.