A Small Sample of Our Work

Inception Through Execution

At Project Seventy Nine, we work hard using different forms of audio and visual mediums to tell our stories. We put our heart and soul into our projects, taking pride in every story we tell. We are honored to share our projects with the world.

The Stories Within

Audio and Visual Media

Stories bring people together. We love telling stories and sharing them through different forms of audio and visual media. Podcasts, Photos, Videos, etc are some of the different ways that we love to share our stories.

Inception to Execution?

The Versatility To Satisfy Any Project

We have a wide variety of projects with a diverse range of topics and themes. Whatever project you’re considering, we’ve got experts who can help.

We can provide you with an excellent customer service experience. Your projects are our projects and we want to include you every step of the way.

From a projects inception, we want everyone to be included. We want to produce the best content that we possibly can and to do that we need you!

We will help work through different ideas and topics, choosing the best medium to produce the your project. We will continue to update you and keep you included in our process.

We will be there from every moment, inception to execution, and we want you there too! So with all that being said,

What will your next project be?