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Below, you’ll find a sample of some companies that we love to work with. We’ve formed partnerships with these companies and have witnessed exceptional growth on both sides.

By working with Project Seventy Nine, your company can also experience this kind of growth while you focus on what matters most.

Jochum Strength

Founder Austin Jochum created his own gym to train his athletes, but he just wasn’t happy with the standard gym experience. We helped build the Jochum Strength YouTube Channel, produce The Jochum Strength Podcast, and more to help shape Jochum Strength into Austin’s vision.

the Back Pocket Podcast

3 years ago Andrew and Declan started a podcast out of their University of St. Thomas college house. It was centered around the question “What is your average quality?”. Today, Project Seventy Nine participates in the post-production process for The Back Pocket Podcast.

who is next?

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